Friday, 10 April 2015

A timeless gift

by definition: A family possession handed down from generation to generation.

We may be lucky at some point in our life that we have the honour of receiving a family heirloom. Generations worth of memories and stories that are passed down the family line holding much sentiment and worth. 

Well, our story begins with the lovely Christine wanting to create a piece that represented not only her style but encompassed her daughter Mila. With this sentimental idea in mind, she asked Cassandra Mamone to design a ring that, one day would become a family heirloom.

Designing the perfect ring

The gemstone zircon was chosen by Christine, as it is the birthstone of December, when Mila was born. Christine also wanted to incorporate Cassandra’s signature millgrain finishing and infinity detailing. 

In the workshop...almost finished

An oval Champagne Zircon was sourced by Cassandra and the ring was made in rose gold as the tone complimented the stone perfectly. Aside from Zircon being chosen for its sentiment, it is a valuable gem that has strong lustre and intense fire that is comparable to a diamond. A halo of bead set white diamonds created a cushion shape surrounding the sparkling Zircon. The finishing touch was Mila’s name and birth date, ’Mila 08-12-2012’ engraved on the inside of the ring. 

Cutest bunny we have ever seen

Mother daughter moments

This gorgeous ring was given to Christine by Mila on Easter and the photo’s just speak for themselves! How cute, we just love them!


CM Team 

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