Friday, 27 March 2015

You deserve it.

The greatest gift a woman can give, is bringing a beautiful baby into the world. This momentous occasion, no matter if it your first or third child, should always be marked with a gift….or at least we think so. 

Presents for mothers or Push gifts are becoming the newest trend. The most popular gift is jewellery, and what better way to mark this joyous occasion than to treat your wife or partner with a beautiful piece to show her how much you care. After all she has done a lot of work over the past 9 months.

For all the beautiful first time fathers of the world or the second or third time fathers, we are here to make your life that much simpler. So listen in close because what we have to show is something quite special.

Cassandra Mamone stackable rings

Stackable rings is the biggest trend and has been for years. With the ability to layer and constantly change the look of existing pieces of jewellery with a few simple rings, will make any woman happy. For a sentimental idea, why not buy her a ring for when each child is born. Not only will this be a beautiful sentiment but will be a constant reminder of the beautiful children and memories you have built together. 

If rings aren’t her thing, why not buy her a beautiful pair of earrings to mark the occasion. If you’re lucky enough to have a girl, try a beautiful pair of Cassandra Mamone rose quartz studs, or if your privileged to bring a boy into the world, a stunning pair of blue topaz and diamond studs should do the trick.

Blue Topaz if its a boy...

Rose Quartz if its a girl...

If its a surprise
No matter what you buy the beautiful woman in your life, make sure you make her feel, special, appreciated and loved. Because after all, its not every day you are bringing a bundle of joy into this world.


CM team.