Friday, 31 May 2013

Celebrating the release of the SORRENTO collection

Cassandra Mamone is so excited about the release of the Sorrento collection, that any order placed before the 30th June 2013 will receive 20% off.

Sorrento was inspired by a Summer trip to the beautiful Amalfi Coast in Italy, the design process saw that each piece
has some representation of this stunning place with shining blue waters and pebbled cliff edges.
Wearers of any piece from this collection are sure to feel the beauty that is ‘Sorrento.’

Cassandra (left) with cousin Karina in Positano, The Amalfi Coast.

Please view the collection at

A sublime collection that incorporates 18ct rose and white gold with white and cognac diamonds.
A strong focus on engagement rings, this collection is sure to surprise and please. With beautiful brilliant and radiant cut diamonds, the designs enhance the beauty of the stones.

Luxurious long lunches

The Sorrento collection represents the best parts of The Amalfi Coast, luxurious views, granita under the sun, long lunches and

All pieces in this collection attain the beauty of this breathtaking place.

Hope you love the collection.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Piece of the Month - Cheryl's Engagement Ring

After seeing Cassandra Mamone’s work on Instagram and Facebook, Cheryl knew she’d found the person to remodel her engagement ring.

The remodelled ring was the perfect gift for Cheryl’s combined 50th birthday and 32nd wedding anniversary.

Originally Cheryl planned on making a few minor updates to the ring, but she soon changed her mind.

“I was thinking to [just] add stones to it... But then I just thought, why not redo it," said Cheryl.

Cheryl wanted something modern yet classic, so Cassandra got to work remodelling the gold diamond ring.

Cassandra kept the original diamond with approx .46 carats as the centrepiece but replaced the yellow gold band with Cheryl’s favourite, white gold.

Cheryl's original engagement ring was remodelled using the diamond as the centrepiece.

The finished design by Cassandra Mamone.
“It’s perfect”, Cheryl says.

Being part of the process made the experience all the more personal for Cheryl.

“I’ve actually had something made that I love,” she says.

“When having something made, you’re always unsure of how it will turn out, but I am so happy!”

The remodelled engagement ring is 18ct white gold with the original centre diamond, approx .46ct in a four-claw setting.

Diamonds in a cushion halo surround the centre diamond, while half band diamonds with shared claws complete the piece.

Cheryl with her beautiful new ring! 

Cassandra Mamone loved working with Cheryl.

"It was an absolute joy designing and creating Cheryl's ring - it's something new but still holds sentimental value," she said. 

"So happy she loved it!"

The ring is a modern take on a classic cut and style, and the added diamonds create extra sparkle and glamour. This beautiful ring is the obvious choice for May's Piece of the Month. Congratulations to Cheryl and her husband on 32 years of marriage!

And Cheryl is so happy with her ring that she has since contacted Cassandra to have a matching band made. Stay tuned to see the finished product!

To have your engagement ring remodelled, or to talk through engagement ring options contact Cassandra Mamone here.

What do you think of Cheryl's new ring? Let us know in the comments below.


The CM Team

Monday, 6 May 2013

Jewellery Care.. Keep on shining!

Here at Cassandra Mamone we’re often asked about how to keep fine jewellery in perfect condition. Once you've found the perfect ring, you’ll want to keep it sparkling and radiant. Read on to find out how to keep your jewellery in tip-top shape.

Bellezze Earrings, 18ct white gold, white diamonds pave`set. 1.5cm length


  • Have your jewellery checked by a professional at least once a year. Professional jewellers can check for loose prongs, signs of wear and much more… It’s far better to have a loose prong fixed than have a diamond fall out!
  • Use a commercial cleaner – these can be bought through Cassandra Mamone. Email us for more information.
  • Separate your jewellery to prevent scratching. We recommend using a soft jewellery box with dividers, or keeping the jewellery in the boxes they came in.
  • Remove all jewellery before showering or cleaning. Soap can leave a film on jewellery making it look dull, while chlorine and bleach can cause tarnishing.
  • Always consider your daily environment when opting for your engagement ring. Opt for a more solid band if gold is your metal of choice. If you prefer finer styles, consider platinum; it will outwear gold many times over.

  • Wear your jewellery (especially diamonds) while playing sports or doing hands-on work – diamonds are durable but can be chipped by a strong knock or blow.
  • Wash your hands or put on hand cream while wearing your jewellery. Lotions, powders, soaps and even natural skin oils put a film over diamonds, making them dull.
  •  Wear jewellery while doing your hair and makeup. Chemicals in makeup, hairspray and perfume can all potentially damage jewellery, so putting on jewellery should be the final step in your morning routine.

  •  Acidity in the body from diet or medications can affect your jewellery, especially sterling silver. For example, antibiotics in some people cause their rings to tarnish.
  • Office workers beware! You might take off your rings when you’re washing or cleaning, but did you know paper can erode jewellery too? Paper is mildly abrasive, and constant daily exposure to it will wear your jewellery over the years. 
  • Gold and sterling silver are considered to be the least reactive metals, so even if you have sensitive skin or are prone to irritation most people find these two metals to be fine.
  • Sterling silver is more likely to tarnish over time, which is why it’s important to take care of your silver jewellery and clean it properly every six months or so.
Positano ring, 18ct two tone of white and rose gold with 71 pave` set white diamonds and a total of approx 2.84cts. 

To clean your diamonds we suggest: 

  • Prepare a small bowl of lukewarm suds using any mild liquid detergent and water.
  • Brush the pieces with an eyebrow brush or soft toothbrush while they are in the suds, then rinse under running water.
  • Pat dry with a soft lint-free cloth.

For other gemstones and jewellery care, contact Cassandra Mamone

Until next time,


The CM Team