Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Piece of the Month- The happiest start to the New Year!

As the new age love trend would have it, Civil Engineer Vince connected with  Project Support Officer Renae via social media. Vince remembered Renae from when he used to visit the hair salon where Renae worked. After returning from a European holiday in 2013 Vince made contact with Renae through facebook.

He just had to see her...

On the 9th October 2013 Vince took Renae to Bruxelles Crepery at Henley Beach and they hit it off.
2 days later they went on their 2nd date to the Circus, it was there that they shared their first kiss.
As Vince drove home after a night out at the Circus, he realised he wasn't tired and he really wanted to see Renae again, so he phoned Renae and they met for the 2nd time that night for a tea at the 24 hour bakery at North Adelaide.

The secret...

Almost a year after their first date, Vince asked Renae's parents for their blessing to marry their daughter. Renae's parents especially her mother Ivana, did a great job at keeping the secret, even throwing Renae off any thought of a proposal.

A beautiful ring for a beautiful lady...

 Vince went to see fine jewellery designer and family friend Cassandra Mamone at her North Adelaide studio. Vince knew the quality of work was of a high standard and that designer Cassandra only sourced GIA certified diamonds.
It was there that the ideas and designs came to life to create a beautiful custom engagement ring.
Vince opted for a beautiful 1 carat oval cut D colourless VVS2 diamond, set in the rarest metal of platinum, the ring also features diamonds on the band and around the centre diamond.
With the highest grade on the colour chart and near perfect clarity, Vince was sure Renae would fall in love with this beautifully cut stone and well crafted ring.

A night to remember...

On New years Eve, Vince had a small white box in his left pocket while he sat with Renae along South Bank in Melbourne. As midnight drew near, the count down began and it was then that Renae began telling Vince, what an amazing year she had had with him, Vince then got on one knee stating: 

"This year's going to be even better...
Renae, will you marry me?"

A stunned Renae said "Yes" and the couple shared a big hug and kiss. "I missed the fire works because I was staring at the beautiful ring on my finger" Renae recalls.

A perfect fit.
A stunning 1 carat oval cut D colourless diamond set in platinum and surrounded by brilliant diamonds.

A very happy couple on the night of the proposal

It's LOVE for Renae and Vince

The happy couple have set a date to be married in April 2016.

We wish our friends Vince and Renae a lifetime of love and happiness.

The CM team

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