Tuesday, 6 May 2014

That's Fancy!

We know white diamonds, but what about the blues, the pinks and the champagnes- what makes fancy coloured diamonds so special? I'm here to give you the low down...

Diamonds in the normal colour range are colourless through to light yellow and are described using the industry’s D-to-Z colour-grading scale. Fancy colour diamonds, on the other hand, are yellow and brown diamonds that show colour beyond the Z range, or diamonds that demonstrate any other colour face-up. These rare varieties come in every colour of the spectrum, including the most rare- blue, green, pink, and red.
This Fancy Greenish Blue (Heart shape) diamond of 4.16ct  is sure to steal your HEART

Colourless (white) diamonds in the D-to-Z range usually decrease in value as the colour becomes more obvious. 
It is just the opposite when talking fancy colour diamonds: Their value generally increases with the strength and purity of the colour. Large, vivid fancy colour diamonds are extremely rare and very valuable. 
Fancy yellow diamond 1.60ct Emerald Shape
Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond 1.53ct Radiant Cut

On the GIA coloured diamond reports, coloured diamonds are graded by the stone's increasing colour strength from Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light and Fancy to Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Dark, and Fancy Deep. The ones that command the highest prices are generally Fancy Vivid and Fancy Deep.
What a beauty!!! Fancy Intense Orangey Pink diamond Cushion cut

Yellows and browns are the most common fancy colours, but they’re generally less valuable than the rarer colours.

Massive Heart shape 22ct Fancy Brown diamond, this diamond measures almost 2cm 
Hope you enjoyed the eye candy...
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